Monday, October 19, 2015

Marriage Support and Enrichment

Telling others what marriage is, as crucial as that is at this time, is not all we are supposed to do when it comes to marriage.  Equally important, in my mind, is to help, support and encourage married couples of our parish on their chosen path/journey.  This is why we offer the marriage anniversary blessing at Sunday Masses here each month. 

It is also the reason why I have asked parishioners Joe & Luciana Sweeney to lead a Marriage Support & Enrichment Ministry for us. Joe and Luciana have already begun to form a core team, and the ministry has many exciting events and activities in store! 

On Saturday, February 13, 2016 after the 5:00 pm Mass, for example, the ministry along with our Knights of Columbus will host a Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance.  There will be a DJ and dancing, as well as poetry and other loving words expressed between husbands and wives and fiancees.  Save the date!

Joe and Luciana will also coordinate a series of Catholic dating opportunities for couples, in which couples can go out to dinner after a marriage discussion and movie (with babysitting provided if necessary). Please look on our social media and in our bulletin for details as to when this special program will start!

Our Marriage Support & Enrichment Ministry is enthusiastic about conducting other activities as well.  (Please contact Joe & Luciana at 609-203-5190 or if you would like to join the ministry team.)  May God bless them in their efforts!

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